3D TVs Without Glasses – Are They Worth It?

3D Glasses - Bye ByeImagine a few years ago where you had to go into a theater and wear those cheap 3D glasses, the ones that were made of plastic and hurt your ears and head.

People got used to using specially made glasses for 3D images, but the downside is you own a 3D TV then you’d have to keep a hefty supply of 3D glasses for everyone who wants to watch the television.

This poses a challenge for people who would want to entertain guests at their home but don’t want to fork out the money to pay for something that doesn’t get used all that often.

Manufacturers acknowledged this problem, so they have come out with 3D TVs that do not require glasses. In this article, we’ll discover if they are actually worth it.


The first thing to consider is the cost of a 3D TV. Obviously, these are more expensive than your regular HDTV and some people might not be willing to shell out that much cash.

But as with all kinds of technology, what is new and innovative now will soon become the norm and the prices will dramatically drop.

We have seen this with flat screen TVs, DVD players, and even cellphones so after a few years, you might only need to dole out a few hundred dollars to enjoy this kind of TV.

3D TV without Glasses

The Sweet Spot

I happened to find myself in a hotel lobby a few months ago and they had a 3D TV there that could be viewed without glasses.

I found it quite impressive but upon walking a few more steps, I realized that you have to look at the TV from a certain place in order to fully appreciate it.

If you try to look at the TV from a different angle for too long, you could find yourself on the receiving end of a slight headache.

A friend who is several inches taller than me tried looking at the TV too and we found out that we had to stand in different spots to be able to view the TV properly so this could pose some problems when you are trying to watch with a large group of people.

This shouldn’t be too big of a problem if you’re willing to adjust a little bit.

On the bright side, if you’re willing to wait a few more years, a glasses-less 3D TV that can be viewed from different angles might soon be available.

Some companies are hard at work to provide you with this technology so just hang tight and you’ll be able to enjoy it soon enough.


At the moment, there isn’t a lot of 3D content available. There are quite a few out there but some people might argue that it isn’t enough for them to spend that much money for a feature that they won’t be able to always enjoy.

But despite this, 3D TVs are also excellent 2D TVs that provide you with images that are amazingly brilliant and clear so this might be enough to sway some consumers into purchasing a 3D TV.

3D TVs that can be viewed without glasses certainly sound intriguing and tempting. Given the constraints of technology (and probably your wallet) it might be a good idea to wait it out for a few more years. If you can find a good deal, then nothing should stop you from getting a piece of this action.