Audio Engineering Jobs: A Look At One Engineers Daily Activities

Have you ever wondered what life would be like as an audio engineer? In this post, we highlight one person who is living their passion everyday. 

Kevin ​Weber, started early in music as a drummer. He is now the owner of a music production company in Northern California. 

The initial kickstart of his business began when he started recording a band in the San Francisco Bay area that he was working around 15 years ago (2002). ​

He emphasizes in the video that ​feeling comfortable in the work or recording setting is crucial. You don't want to constrain the creative passions that are part of the music recording process. 

The natural and fun elements of music should come out during the recording sessions. This makes the task much easier.

He lists some of the equipment that he uses to bring all the magic together.

His start in the engineering field began working in aerospace as a mechanical engineer. This is not a typical path for someone looking to become an audio engineer. 

Many people think that just because you have the schooling necessary to become an audio specialist, they assume that you can just walk right into a job. That's not necessarily the best way to approach this career field.

Kevin emphasizes that there are other ways such as networking within a band. When your in a band, you meet a lot of new people and that can open up some doors to opportunities. ​

Internships are there with some schools to get your feet wet, but he recommends just going out and getting that experience on your own if possible. ​