The Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $300 for 2017

Bookshelf speakers are important in any home theater or sound system. These compact speakers are easy to mount and hide which make them the best choice when choosing speaker types for home use. Bookshelf speakers gained their name from their size and for typically being placed on bookshelves. If your budget is pretty tight, these speakers are all under $300 to ensure that you can get the best that you can afford.

Polk Audio TSi200

Polk Audio is the go-to brand of the audiophile on a budget. They provide consumers with items that are relatively cheap without sacrificing quality.

What I like about this pair of bookshelf speakers is that they feature a very classic look with metallic accents. They seriously look quite good in almost any room.

The TSi200s are fairly powerful and can blast tunes within a frequency range of 43 Hz to 25 kHz. These speakers also have a sensitivity of 89 decibels as well as an impedance of 8 ohm.

You can’t expect these speakers to pound you with bass that will bring your house down. If that’s what you’re going for, then match these speakers with a subwoofer that is equally as good as these to really get the most out of them. At under $300, these speakers are a bargain.

Want to hear how the Polk Audio TSi200 speakers sound? Check out the video below:

Without counting the super high-end speakers, the TSi200 speakers are probably the best speakers that you can get which is why it has an average rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon.

Yamaha NS-333

Yamaha is a company that makes such a wide variety of items that one might have to wonder what they can’t offer us. Their electronics are something to behold and these speakers are a great example of just how amazing Yamaha is.

The NS-333 has a frequency response range of 65 Hz to 35 kHz which doesn’t offer a lot in the bass department but matching the speakers with some subwoofers can easily solve this problem. The beautiful and classic design of the speakers will also definitely work for it because it will be easy to place it in any room without clashing with the other decorations or overall look and them of the room.

When it comes to getting a Yamaha,, you can be sure that you’re getting a top quality item that can be enjoyed by anyone for a really long time.

Klipsch Synergy B-20 Premium

The Synergy B-20 Premium from Klipsch is clean and simple with just the right amount of flash and pizzazz. Klipsch strictly adheres to the same ideals and principles that they have been using for several years to ensure that the signature sound produced by their speakers is retained.

It has a frequency response range of 62 Hz to 23 kHz making it a great set of speakers that will deliver great mids and highs, and will be perfectly paired with a subwoofer for amazing lows as well.

If you want to get the feeling like everything is happening around you at that very moment, then these speakers will be great for you because Klipsch tries to make everything sound live all the time. Overall, these speakers are great and you will definitely love them.

Audio Engine P4

The P4’s ability to pack high performance into a compact and agile box is legendary. You get the effects of a powered speaker and the traditional quality of excellent sound variables inherent in Audio Engine products.

Combine this with your home theater system or use in the office, garage or bedroom to boost the rich sound tones. With this passive version, it’s adding additional power within the small size of the box.

This particular model has a 4 OHM impedance rating but that shouldn’t limit you to just that level. You can also expect great results with 6 and 8 OHM rating.

Combining the P4’s with a great amp like the N22 can offer some great benefits if you want to put it on your desk. There is a plug on the front to hook in your headphones if you don’t want to disturb others.

Located on the back of the amp, the N22 also has multiple inputs and a usb input to wirelessly connect to your computer. They work excellent with the P4’s.

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Getting bookshelf speakers doesn’t mean having to go over budget. There’s always an option for you to choose from depending on the range of the price you are comfortable with. I’m sure that one of these speakers is the perfect set of bookshelf speakers for your home.