Best iPad Speaker Docking Stations

ihome-pictureThe advent of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod was arguably the best choice for tablets by most consumers but with that is the need for a docking station to play music or charge the device.

The popularity of these products is possibly due to the fact that Apple has a strong and constantly growing fan base and loyal following, but it is also a result of some incredible marketing.

Because different Apple products work well with each other, users of other Apple products tend to gravitate toward the iPad when selecting a tablet. Much like any Apple handheld gadget, the iPad can be used for enjoying music. However, the internal speaker lacks many of the high and low tones that you need to really enjoy the experience.

While music isn’t the only function of the iPad, it is a pretty important one. Since iPods have been around longer, most speaker docks can only manage to fit them or iPhones.

The iPad is much larger and there was a time when it was hard to find a speaker dock that can support the tablet. But with a few generations (such as the 2, 3, 4 and more recently the Air and Mini version) under its belt and a strong following, it isn’t surprising that there are speaker docks that can hold it now.

Since these speakers/chargers have enough space to hold the tablet, they can also typically support other devices like the iPhone or iPod.

7 Port Charging Station by Satechi

satechi-ipad-charging-dock-station-7-portsWhile this doesn’t have a speaker built in, I did want to highlight this product by Satechi because of its useful design and capability to deal with many devices.

With 7 individual USB ports available, this portable charging station Satechi is still more than powerful enough to get the job done.

There are enough Velcro straps available to organize all your cables.

What I like most about this product is the silicone pads within the slot location, which is there to keep your device looking new.

Each port has protection from electrical surges. A chip set determines how much charge is needed for the device keeping it from overcharging.

At the time of this review, the Satechi has over 500 positive reviews. Most customers love the additional thought behind this convenient all in one system.

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iHome iDL95 Dock with Radio and Clock

idl95-docking-station-by-ihome-pictureThe iD9L95 from iHome is perfect your iPad, iPhone, iPod docking needs and you can play your music while you charge (one of the reasons why I love iHome gear).

Custom alarm settings let you specify weekday/weekend/event schedules. It features an internal lithium-ion battery that you can recharge so you won’t have to worry about battery replacement while enjoying your music on the go.

It is an AppFriendly model and comes with the iHome Sleep app and gives you the option to buy the iHome Radio app so you can enjoy some really cool bonus features.

To provide you with rich, full audio, the iD9 has SRS TruBass sound enhancement circuitry as well as Reson8 speaker enclosures. The iDL95 comes with an FM radio (sorry no AM available on this model).

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Philips AJ7050 iPad Speaker Dock

aj7050-by-philips-photo-of-docking-station-and-ipad-iphoneThe AJ7050 from Philips is a stylish speaker dock. It has a sleek modern design that goes well with your iPad and would look good in any room.

It’s also small and lightweight so you can take with you and have a party anytime, anywhere. The AJ7050 has a shielding technology that blocks off any interference from mobile devices.

It has a rechargeable battery so you can dance to your favorite tunes for long periods of time without having to worry about buying and replacing batteries.

The clock will automatically sync with the device that is plugged in (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

This Philip has a 4 star average rating on Amazon and is praised for its sound quality, battery life, and compact and portable design.

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JBL OnBeat Venue Bluetooth iPod / iPhone / iPad Speaker Dock

jbl-onbeat-venueOnBeat Venue has a really cool design that you don’t typically see on speaker docks and is sure to wow your friends at parties.

It has a minimalist design with a dock that looks like its defying the laws of gravity. You can set your iPad, docking capable iPod, and iPhone on either portrait or landscape.

It isn’t just about looks with OnBeat Xtreme. This dock has excellent sound quality because of JBL Ridge tweeters and Atlas woofers which allows the item to give you a full robust sound.

The quality of JBL is hard to beat. The Venue uses Harmon special technology called TrueStream. It basically means the quality of the sound is maximized for the best audio experience.

If you want to sync your iPad with iTunes but don’t want to disconnect from this awesome dock, you can connect to your computer directly from this using a USB cable.

The built-in 30 watt amp, makes playing your music at various levels a clear and fun experience.

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Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker III

bose-soundlink-mobile-speaker-imageThe Soundlink by Bose isn’t a docking speaker but it’s worth checking out. It’s a Bluetooth speaker which means that it can be used with most devices as long as they have Bluetooth.

This mobile speaker seamlessly connects to a smartphone or tablet and can stream music up to 30 feet away. The Soundlink is a great little speaker that can last for up to 14 hours of non disrupted music playing before you have to recharge.

It’s pretty small and easy to carry around and because of its design you won’t have a problem bring this item with you wherever you go.

Turn your iPad into a multimedia powerhouse by adding speakers to the whole set-up. You can’t say that your dock speaker doesn’t fit your iPad because there are so many choices of speakers out there that can fit your iPad perfectly.

As with everything Bose puts out, the SoundLink audio quality is premium and stands out above all the other competition.

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Sony Bluetooth Capable Wireless Speaker

sony-bluetooth-speaker-with-no-pins-for-charging-ipadWhat I like most about this mobile speaker is the ability to use your bluetooth. With an impressive 12 hour battery life, it’s easy to use this anywhere around the house.

While it doesn’t actually have the ability to house the iPad in a cradle (Sony has moved away from that model recently), the sound quality is excellent with deep bass.

The Sony Bluetooth speaker can be anywhere within about 50 feet or so and can still stream you music through the speakers.

This unit is also comparable to the (but is priced much less – under $200).

The audio quality is fantastic, even when volume is turned up on high (no noticeable distortion). For these reasons the Sony speaker remains a top pick for 2016.

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