The Best High End Bookshelf Speakers under $1,000 or $500 for 2017

Bookshelf speakers are named as such because they were designed to be placed on raised surfaces like a bookshelf. This, of course, does not mean that placement of these speakers are limited to bookshelves.

The speakers are fairly compact and are often used for home audio for sound and theater systems. There are loads of bookshelf speakers in the market and here are just a few models that are under the two main price categories $1,000 and $500.

Bookshelf Speakers Under $1000 Dollars

JBL L820

JBL L820 Review - Bookshelf SystemJBL is a company that was founded in 1946 and has been making audio equipment since then. With decades of experience to their name, it would be pretty surprising if these speakers end up disappointing you.

The JBL L820 speakers are mountable bookshelf speakers that look very cool and kind of retro design that people seem to really gravitate towards.

They have 1 inch titanium dome tweeters as well as 3/4 inch Mylar-dome, cast-frame chassis that are mounted on bi-radial horns that allow for high frequency performance that you will love. It also has aluminum waveguides that permit the speakers to disperse sound much better.

The frequency response range of these speakers is 55 Hz to 40 kHz while its audio sensitivity is 90 decibels and it has an impedance of 8 ohm. You can get these speakers either in a cherry wood finish or in black.

KEF Q300
Review of the Q300 by KF

KEF is a relatively young company having been founded in 1961. This company makes all sorts of audio equipment including great speakers.

The Q300 has a 1 inch aluminum vented dome tweeter that allows the speakers to deliver top quality sounds within a frequency response range of 42 Hz to 40 kHz, sensitivity of 87 decibels, and impedance of 8 ohm.

This speaker was designed to provide you advanced and top notch speakers that are highly competitive in today’s market. The simple design of the speakers makes it easy to integrate these speakers into almost any room without clashing with the interior design.

Bookshelf Speakers Under $500 Dollars

Klipsch RB-61

Klipsch RB-51 II PhotoThese super sleek speakers from Klipsch are really great and would be a great part of your sound system. Klipsch has been around for several decades and has been manufacturing speakers and headphones for a wide range of customers. To ensure that distortion is reduced even when playing at high volumes, these speakers have 1 inch titanium horn-loaded tweeters.

The RB-61’s are a great set of speakers with a frequency response ranging from 50 Hz to 24 kHz with a sensitivity of 92 decibels and impedance of 8 ohm. Its design isn’t just for aesthetics, it also helps with the performance of the speakers.

These speakers have very crisp highs that allow you to hear everything clearly which is why these speakers have managed to get an average rating of 5 stars on Amazon.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get the perfect speakers. These bookshelf speakers are great and they will only set you back few hundred dollars. Check them out and set them up in your home theater so you can enjoy music, movies, and more.

ELAC Uni Bookshelf Speaker

Priced just below 500 bucks, the ELAC Uni speaker provides a rich sound with the aluminum midrange cone located co-cententrally for that clean succinct sound many audiophiles love.

While it does have a good amount of bass capability that comes directly from the speaker, you may want to consider a subwoofer or even the ELAC S10 driver if you really want to build out a dynamic environment.

The design of the UB5 is ideal for optimizing the mid to high frequencies for bass. The tweeter performs it’s best with the combination of the aluminum midrange cone.

The small attention to detail that the UB5 focused on such as their custom binding posts in the rear of the speaker, allow for optimal transmission of sound outward.

For the ultimate sound experience, try the ELAC UB5s. They have a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


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