What is a Smart TV?

Smart TVsHave you noticed that the word “smart” is starting to become attached to nearly all kinds of electronics (that goes for TVs as well)?

But what exactly is a smart TV? How does an appliance or a gadget become smart? The most common type of “smart” electronics is probably the smartphone, which is the most popular kind of cellphone at the moment.

With that, I’m pretty sure that some of you are curious about the characteristics of the smart TV and if it is anything like your smartphone. Here are some facts about the smart TV:

The Basics of a Smart TV

The smart TV also goes by the name connected TV or hybrid TV. Despite having web connectivity, you should not confuse this with IPTV, or Internet Protocol TV, Internet TV, or Web TV.

These televisions often feature interactive media, Internet TV, on-demand streaming of media, and home networking access. It sounds a little bit like a computer, but it is primarily an entertainment device.

By definition, the smart TV is either a TV with integrated Internet capabilities or a set-top box for television that has more advanced computing abilities than your standard TV set. These TVs are usually looked at as a combination of a TV and a computer.

Smart technology makes use of operating systems or mobile operating systems to run applications and plugins or addons. These products also have some sort of app store so that users can easily search and install applications that they would want to use on their TV.

Apps on a Smart TV


Smart TVs allow users to access “user-generated content” that they have on an external hard drive or cloud storage. Some TVs also allow accessing content stored on smaller storage devices like flash drives.

There are also some models that allow for wireless streaming from mobile devices like tablets, MP3 players, and smartphones through Wi-Fi connectivity.

Live streaming from on-demand sources like Netflix is also possible and with its Intenet connectivity, you can access it straight from the Netflix app.

Of course, this TV can also display standard content from your cable or satellite subscription, just like any other TV does.

Other Features

A lot of smart TVs can also be used for social networking. With the right apps, you can go on Twitter or Facebook.

This is great for people who love updating their friends about what they’re watching or just for any person who needs to stay connected all the time.

Some smart TVs also have built-in browsers so that you can surf the web right then and there.

Does that guest star on your favorite TV show look familiar?

Pause it and check out where you’ve seen them on IMDB.

Some of these also have games that you can download from the app store so if you’ve become bored with all of its other features (which is quite unlikely) then you can have some fun with the games.

Online Social Media using a Smart TV


The only real downside of the smart TV is its price. With all of its great features, you can’t expect it to cost the same amount as your standard TV set. But since that is the only downside to it, then it sounds like getting one of these TVs would be an asset to your home.

It’s the Future of Television Viewing

Whether you’re just going here to get a general idea about how a smart television works or your interested in buying one, these products are the way of the future. More and more of the traditional sets are getting replaced with the ability to have integrated apps.